About the Developer

Chris Brighton, the developer of the website

My name is Chris Brighton, 22 years of age, I was born in Norwich and this website is for me to talk about Formula 1. I have been a massive fan of Lewis Hamilton since he started off his career in Formula 1 and have been following the sport ever since.

This website has been personally hand-coded using HTML5, CSS3 and a little bit of PHP, jQuery and JavaScript. I am always improving the website so take some time to investigate as you may find something that may be of interest to you.

I also have a primary site. It only has a one page and you'll find more information about me and other websites I maintain. Please visit my primary site here.

About the Website

Now, a bit about the website. The most important aspect of the website is that all of the pages are HTML5 and CSS3 verified by the World Wide Web Consortium. This website is fully compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Safari is my default browser but I use Chrome for testing purposes as it has better developer tools. I am unsure about any versions of Internet Explorer but I'll be honest, why on earth are you still using that browser? If however you do find anything that doesn't look quite right, spelling mistakes, styling issues, please email me.

What You'll Find on the Website

All the pages are sorted via season for easier navigation. You'll find qualifying and race reports, all the latest pictures from the qualifying sessions and the races. Finally, you'll find the latest news relating to Formula 1 as well as the latest standings which are updated after every race.

Finally. what you won't find are any pesky adverts or popups. This is a non-profit site simply created by someone who hates it when you're reading an article and suddenly a popup appears and distracts you!